Different Kind Of Sunday

 By Ray Huntz

   Sunday May 5th found Marsh and Bayou in Shell Beach, out with Capt Elliot Lanaux and Inshore Rip Charters on my 50th birthday, with Saint's defensive linemen Cam Jordan, Trey Hendrickson, Marcus Davenport and Taylor Stallworth along to celebrate. Capt Elliot had us on the fish from the first stop. Taylor and Marcus had never caught redfish; five minutes in and everyone had caught fish. And the fish were definitely feeding; their tails had a beautiful blue edge.When the bite slowed at the first spot, we headed for a small island maybe 100 yards away.

   As we idled over, Capt Elliot explained what he was looking for, "I wanted to go to spots today that haven't been hit hard; a lot of the fish have been getting so much pressure. I want fish that haven't been seeing that I knew I wanted to come over here, especially with the north wind. The water looks good here, and has good current moving; that's what we want. We've had a lot of fresh water lately, so I'll look for the pockets of clean, moving water; that's where the redfish will be. Then it's just throwing out with our Versamaxx corks, baited up with Campo's shrimp. Then the catching starts."We fished until about noon, getting our limits, and, releasing a ton of fish. Cam had the two biggest redfish, and I caught 50 redfish on my 50th birthday. Not a bad day.

   If you want to have your own redfish smackdown, call or message us at Marsh and Bayou Outfitters and we will put you on the redfish.