Our Story

Marsh & Bayou Outfitters is nestled in the heart of the Quarter just one block from Jackson Square. Marsh & Bayou Outfitters features something for everyone, with outdoor apparel and gear as well as local art, unique gifts, fishing books and more. It is also the place to book your New Orleans charter fishing trip to experience world class fishing, whether offshore or inshore, in all major waterways and all types of fish. Since the doors opened just before Mardi Gras in 2014, the shop has been inundated with tourists, locals, area business owners and husbands who happen to stumble upon it while shopping with their wives.

Terry Fox, from Pittsburg, Kansas, found Marsh & Bayou Outfitters while in town for Jazz Fest. He was thrilled when he saw a fishing shop while walking in the Quarter, and since he is an avid fisherman, he just had to stop in. According to owners Chris and Ben Tiblier, many people come inside to shop, but some come in just to talk about fishing. And these guys know a lot about fishing.

Chris says he was inspired to open the shop because he has a true love for fishing and the outdoors. “To be able to offer this type of service in the city we love is awesome.”

According to Ben, the business is a way to promote Louisiana’s fishery. “The fishing here is unbelievable. We can get people on the water in no time, whether they are tourists or locals, and they are going to have a fantastic experience.”

Local businessman Jason Fein, who manages the famous Court of Two Sisters restaurant nearby, frequents the shop. He says he loves it because it’s something different. “There is nothing like this in the French Quarter, no other shop specifically for outdoors and fishing anywhere in the area.”

The Tiblier brothers say they were inspired to open the shop in Christmas of 2014. While shopping in the Quarter, they saw a “For Lease” sign on the building, and began envisioning the business. Within minutes, they called to make an offer, and now they're open for business.  Visit Marsh & Bayou Outfitters today!