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Marsh & Bayou Magazine is recognized as a standard in Southeast Louisiana for fishing journalism, outdoors promotion, and outdoor news dissemination. However, we weren’t always the industry leader that we are today.

In our infancy we were called Sportsmen of Slidell. Sportsmen of Slidell was created in December 1999 to bring local outdoor news to a thriving outdoor market in the Slidell area. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a full time successful business. After the first year, the publication grew from 12 pages with a circulation of 3,000 copies to 24 pages, circulating 8,000 copies. Two short years later, neighboring cities and parishes were starting show a real interest in our product and we were soon renamed Sportsmen of St. Tammany. To cover the entire parish, we increased our circulation to 20,000 issues per month and for the next 20 months continued to grow. As a free publication, advertising sales were the main source of revenue; naturally the more advertisements we sold, the larger the publication became, and we were growing. By September 2002, Sportsmen of St. Tammany had increased its page count to 32 and was poised for its next move. We renamed the magazine Marsh & Bayou to remove the restrictions in the area specific title. Despite boasting a new name, Marsh & Bayou maintained the same strategy that proved successful for Sportsmen of St. Tammany, but we expanded our focus to service a much larger reader base.

The new name and the idea worked, from October 2002 till present date, Marsh & Bayou is heavily circulated throughout south Louisiana as well as Mississippi and Alabama. The magazine consistently stays at 48 pages and has increased its subscription count to over 600. To stay consistent with Marsh & Bayou’s progressive growth, the time has come again for change. After seven years in the publishing industry Marsh and Bayou had carved an important niche in the enormous “Sportsman’s Paradise” market and was ready for the next level.

On March 27, 2008 we presented for the first time to the sport fishing public. Our interactive website is designed to assist anglers, from all over the country, by offering real-time fishing reports, informative articles, profiles on the leading professional guides, and a quick reference to available services for outdoorsmen; all organized by the specific area that they are service. The information and services found on are not available on any other website. We have painstakingly visited with each local charter captain and asked him questions to help introduce him to you, our reader base. In addition to introducing you to our Captains we have done the same thing with our esteemed Journalist, so you can have a better understanding of the people that are bring you the information found on our website and in out magazine.

Marsh & Bayou has always felt that the best way to reach the sport fishing and outdoor public was to hire people who were part of that group. All of us here at Marsh & Bayou consider ourselves a part of the same group of people that we aim to service. With that in mind we have sought the information of the people in this industry that are successful at their trade and who can offer you real information that you can rely on. Please feel free to approach us, either by email, phone, or on the dock to give us your ideas and opinions. After all, our aim is to service you and only you know how we can best accomplish that goal.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you find exactly what you are looking for and more!